Complete schedule and first guest

Today we are happy to release the complete schedule for DreamLeague season 5 as well as the guest for the first week.

The eight teams in league play will fight in a BO2 round robin group stage for the three playoff spots.
Today we release the entire schedule of these 56 maps and the 14 broadcast days that league play consists of.

For more information of the season 5, make sure to check out our announcement.

Returning to DreamLeague season 5 as the first weekly guest is DreamLeague veteran Niklas “Wagamama” Högström.
Waga was seen on DreamLeague as a guest during season 3 and is now finally back in the Monster Energy DreamHack studios.


Nl Jorien “Sheever” Van der Heijden – Host
Us Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner – Co-host
Se Niklas “Wagamama” Högström – Expert
Uk (1) Owen “ODPixel” Davies – Caster
Us Andy “Draskyl” Stiles – Caster



All times are displayed in CET

Monday March 21st
18:30Vega Squadron0vs0Ad Finem
21:00No Diggity0vs0Ad Finem
Tuesday March 22nd
18:30No Diggity0vs0Vega Squadron
21:00Vega Squadron0vs0London Conspiracy
Wednesday March 23rd
18:30Team Spirit0vs0Vega Squadron
Thursday March 24th
18:30Team Spirit0vs0London Conspiracy
21:00No Diggety0vs0Team Spirit
Monday March 28th
18:30Virtus Pro0vs0London Conspiracy
21:00Team Empire0vs0London Conspiracy
Tuesday March 29th
18:30Virtus Pro0vs0Team Empire
21:00Team Empire0vs0Vega Squadron
Wednesday March 30th
18:30Team Empire0vs0Team Spirit
21:00Virtus Pro0vs0Ad Finem
Thurday March 31st
18:30No Diggity0vs0Virtus Pro
21:00No Diggity0vs0London Conspiracy
Tuesday April 5th
18:30No Diggity0vs0Natus Vincere
21:00No Diggity0vs0Team Empire
Wednesday April 6th
18:30Team Empire0vs0Natus Vincere
21:00Team Empire0vs0Ad Finem
Monday April 7th
18:30Ad Finem0vs0London Consparicy
Monday April 18th
18:30Team Spirit0vs0Ad FInem
21:00Natus Vincere0vs0London Conspiracy
Tuesday April 19th
18:30Virtus Pro0vs0Team Spirit
21:00Natus Vincere0vs0Vega Squadron
Thursday April 21st
18:30Virtus Pro0vs0Vega Squadron
21:00Natus Vincere0vs0Ad Finem
Wednesday April 20th
18:30Virtus Pro0vs0Natus Vincere
21:00Team Spirit0vs0Natus Vincere