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Presenting DreamLeague season 6


ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 6 is upon us and this season DreamHack are extremely happy to announce a total prize pool of $231,000 and that ASUS ROG are back as our title sponsor! 8 teams will be battling it out for one of the 4 spots that will attend the playoffs at DreamHack Winter!



The League

Continue with last seasons format. Bo2 games, and for each map win (yes, map not series!) the winning side will be awarded $1,000.
League start: October 11th – Full schedule announced soon.
Teams: 8
Playoff spots: 4
Format: Round robin Bo2 – One point per game.
Prize pool: $56,000 – each game in league play awards $1,000 to the winner.
Live from the Monster Energy DreamHack Studio.

The playoffs

Dates: November 25th & 26th
Teams: 4
Location: DreamHack Winter – Jönköping, Sweden.
Format: Double elimination Bo3 bracket.
Grand Final: Bo5
Prize money: $175,000
1st $80,000
2nd $45,000
3rd $30,000
4th $20,000
Full Travel Support for teams participating.


ASUS ROG are back for DreamLeague Season 6! This will be their 7th Dota 2 project with DreamHack over the last 5 years and with their support the prize pool has been increased by $75,000! So for Season 6 that’s a Hugh-Mungous $231,000 for the teams to fight over!

DreamHack have had great support from Monster Energy over recent years. So per usual the broadcast will be live with talent and weekly guests from the Monster Energy DreamHack Studios, multiple times a week. The big news with regards to location this year is that DreamLeague will be returning to Jönköping, Sweden for the playoffs during DreamHack Winter 2016! Nothing beats the electrifying roar of a crowd when a huge play happens, and we all remember such plays as the No Tidehunter Roshan bait from DreamHack Winter 2012!


Talent, Teams, and Guests will be announced Soon™.



Founded in the fall of 2013 DreamLeague is one of the longest running Dota 2 leagues in the world and only the very best teams have been able to call themselves DreamLeague champions. DreamLeague will continue with weekly programming of great Dota 2 matches and will continue with the fantastic DreamLeague spirit to make sure all Dota 2 fans around the world have high quality Dota 2 broadcasts to tune in to on a regular weekly basis.

“I am very excited to say that DreamHack is expanding in Dota2. Starting of with increasing the prize pool for the 6th season of DreamLeague together with our partners ASUS ROG and Monster energy. We hope to bring you even more Dota2 in future ” —Michael Fuxborg, project manager.

“With DreamHack increasing its focus on Dota 2 and once again organizing the playoffs at DreamHack Winter in front of a huge live audience – we hope that the 6th season of ASUS ROG DreamLeague will be the most exciting installment so far. Needless to say, ASUS ROG are very happy to be back as the title sponsor of ASUS ROG DreamLeague.” –Marcus Hultin, Marketing Manager, ASUS Nordic.


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