Announced Teams


As fall approaches, so does the next season of ASUS ROG DreamLeague, the longest regularly running league in Dota. Today DreamHack and ASUS ROG are excited to announce the new line-up for ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 6. Fresh off roster swap season, this will be the first time to see many recently updated play against each other. Take a peak into the future of Dota with us as teams young and old battle it out for dominance in the post-TI6 world.

  • The season 5 champions OG will be back. Can N0tail and Fly be champions for a 3rd time in a row with a different roster?
  • The new, full Swedish line up definitely want to make it to LAN. As does the crowd in Jönköping, who are always roaring for the hometown heroes Alliance to win.
  • Evil Geniuses will be making their reappearance in their league, attempting a second championship victory since their win in Season 2.
  • Natus Vincere, will be coming back for their fourth time in the league, and are looking to capture their first ASUS ROG DreamLeague trophy.
  • Vega Squadron are making their third showing. Captain fng at the helm will look to keep his spot as best post-game interview in Dota.
  • Team Liquid were last seen in Season 1 with a very different, and NA based roster. But with their return in season 6 with Miracle- and Bulba they look to mix new and old.
  • A newcomer to the league, with a mix of South East Asia and Europe in their blood, is Team Secret.
  • Escape gaming are one of the other rare teams who did not change roster. Will this prove to help them as they’ve already bonded as a team? Only time will tell.

The top 4 teams from league play will be flown out to compete on LAN during DreamHack Winter in Jönköping, Sweden! The best part about league returning to LAN means you’re able to see them live from the venue. You can head on over to our tickets page and purchase from there!


dk Johan N0tail Sundstein
au Anathan ana Pham
se Gustav s4 Magnusson
fi Jesse JerAx Vainikka
il Tal Fly Aizik

Team Secret
kr Pyo MP No-a
my Zheng MidOne Yeik Nai
kr Lee Forev Sang-don
ee Clement Puppey Ivanov
se Johan pieliedie Åström

Evil Geniuses
ca Artour Arteezy Babaev
pk Syed Sumail SumaiL Hassan
us Saahil UNiVeRsE Arora
se Ludwig zai Wåhlberg
dk Andreas Franck Cr1t- Nielsen

Natus Vincere
ru Dmitry Ditya Ra Minenkov
ua Danil Dendi Ishutin
ua Victor GeneRaL Nigrini
ru Akbar SoNNeikO Butaev
ua Ivan Artstyle Antonov

se Jonathan Loda Berg
se Linus Limmp Blomdin
se Jonas jonassomfan Lindholm
se Jerry EGM Lundkvist
se Simon Handsken Haag

Escape Gaming
se Adrian Era Kryeziu
de Max qojqva Bröcker
de Maurice KheZu Gutmann
jo Yazied YapzOr Jaradat
dk Troels syndereN Nielsen

Vega Squadron
ua Rostislav fn Lozovoi
ua Bogdan Iceberg Vasilenko
ua Andrey Mag~ Chipenko
by Artsiom fng Barshack
ua Semion CemaTheSlayer Krivulya

Team Liquid
fi Lasse MATUMBAMAN Urpalainen
jo Amer Miracle- Al-Barkawi
bg Ivan MinD_ContRoL Borislavov
de Kuro KuroKy Salehi Takhasomi
us Sam BuLba Sosale

The League

The league will continue with last season’s format. Each team will play a best-of-2 series, and for each map win (yes, map not series!) the winners will be awarded $1,000.
League start: October 11th – Full schedule announced soon.
Teams: 8
Playoff spots: 4
Format: Round robin Bo2 – One point per game (two points for 2-0 win).
Prize pool: $56,000 – each game in league play awards $1,000 to the winner.
Live from the Monster Energy DreamHack Studio.

The playoffs

Dates:November 25th & 26th
Teams: 4
Location: DreamHack Winter – Jönköping, Sweden.
Format: Double elimination Bo3 bracket.
Grand Final: Bo5
Prize money: $175,000
1st $80,000
2nd $45,000
3rd $30,000
4th $20,000
Full Travel Support for teams participating.

What comes next?

If you missed the big news about sponsors, prize pool changes, and playoff location check out our latest news. Coming up next time on DragonBall Z will be an announcement regarding talent and schedule. So continue to check out our website, or follow us on our twitter @DHDreamLeague so we can keep you updated.