Season 6 Schedule


ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 6 kicks off October 11th, so get yourself ready. If your team has a meme and a dream they can show the world how they play and what their true form is. ASUS ROG DreamLeague will broadcast (about) three times a week for five weeks, each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday you can find action on Check out the schedule below or on its own page for full broadcast details and times. The schedule page will also list the scores of each series throughout league play.


Week 1

Tuesday October 11th
18:30Virtus.provsEscape Gaming
21:00Virtus.provsTeam Liquid
Wednesday October 12th
18:30Escape GamingvsVega Squadron
21:00Virtus.provsVega Squadron
Thursday October 13th
18:30Team NPvsVega Squadron
21:00Vega SquadronvsTeam Liquid

Week 2

Tuesday October 18th
18:30AlliancevsEscape Gaming
21:00Team NPvsAlliance
Wednesday October 19th
18:30The ImperialvsTeam NP
21:00Team NPvsTeam Liquid
Thurday October 19th
18:30The ImperialvsAlliance
21:00AlliancevsTeam Liquid

Week 3

Tuesday October 25th
18:30Escape GamingvsTeam Liquid
21:00Natus VincerevsAlliance
Wednesday October 26th
18:30AlliancevsVega Squadron

Week 4

Tuesday November 1st
18:30The ImperialvsEscape Gaming
21:00The ImperialvsTeam Liquid
Wednesday November 2nd
18:30Team NPvsEscape Gaming
21:00Virtus.provsNatus Vincere
Thursday November 3rd
18:30Natus VincerevsVega Squadron
21:00Team NPvsNatus Vincere
Friday November 4th
18:30Virtus.provsThe Imperial
21:00Virtus.provsTeam NP

Week 5

Monday November 7th
18:30The ImperialvsVega Squadron
21:00The ImperialvsNatus Vincere
Tuesday November 8th
18:30Natus VincerevsEscape Gaming
21:00Natus VincerevsTeam Liquid


Coming up next time on DragonBall Z will be the actual games so do not miss it! Remember, October 11th! Continue to check out our website, and follow us on our twitter @DHDreamLeague so we can keep you updated.