New Season, New Look, New Ways To Watch

New Season, New Look, New Ways to Watch

With ASUS ROG DreamLeague now returning for its 6th season, and it was decided that it’s time for a shake up! Welcome our new logo…since it’s a person…and everything. On top of that you can snag it in full resolution for your own use.

New Look

Today we are excited to reveal the new logo and look for Season 6! Oooooo…….ahhhhh……

You can download full resolution logos here, for use in your own media posts if you should need it. Show your boss you are smart and on top of it with these ready to go! You crafty esports newspeople, you.


Ways to watch

We’ve got more streams in more languages this year! So check out the links below for the language of choice!

uk DreamLeague –
ru RuHub –
cn MarsTV –
de 99Damage –
pl-1 Dota2_PL –
es-1 GamerStudioTV –
tr Cankodota –
se DraySWE –
fr-1 Gaming Live –
kr Samqua –