DreamLeague Season 7 Teams

Season 7 Invited Teams

The hype train continues! With the great support of Monster Energy on our side we’re now able to have two divisions; Europe and North America. The teams will battle it out and the strongest 3 Teams from Europe and the strongest from North America will advance to play in our first ever Dota2 event in America, at DreamHack Atlanta!

What comes next?

Coming up next time on DragonBall Z will be an announcement regarding talent and schedule, which is revealed on Wednesday 22nd! So continue to check out our website, or follow @DreamHackDota on Twitter and Facebook.

Ways to Watch

Want to see the Playoffs live? Then you should get yourself a ticket for DreamHack Atlanta, which be the first time that DreamLeague will be played in America!

Shortly we will provide a list of all places you’re able to watch DreamLeague in all places and languages, so make sure to look out for that.