DreamLeague Season 7 Teams

Season 7 Teams

The slots have been taken, the divisions have been packed with teams, and the red button charged with new batteries. DreamLeague Season 7 is approaching faster than ever and here are the final teams.

As previously mentioned, these teams will battle it out in the upcoming weeks and the 3 strongest teams from Europe and the strongest from North America will advance to play in our glorious Dota2 finale in America at DreamHack Atlanta!

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What comes next?

A full schedule will be revealed in due time as we move closer to the grand opening of DreamLeague Season 7. Continue to stalk our website, or follow @DreamHackDota on Twitter and Facebook.

Keep up with the conversation

Continue to check out our website, or follow @DreamHackDota on Twitter and Facebook, and make sure to use the hashtag #DHDreamLeague.

Ways to Watch

Want to see the Playoffs live? Then you should get yourself a ticket for DreamHack Atlanta, which be the first time that DreamLeague will be played in America!

Shortly we will provide a list of all places you’re able to watch DreamLeague in all places and languages, so make sure to look out for that.

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