Atlanta day 1

DreamLeague season 7 playoffs – day 1

When the memelords SirActionSlacks, KotLGuy, Merlini and Capitalist weren’t ranting about Pok√©mon and Professor Gaben, day 1 of DreamLeague season 7 playoffs was actually pretty decent, almost exciting!

One thing is clear. Team Liquid is looking awfully strong, wiping the floor with both Vega Squadron (2-0) and Planet Odd (2-0). By doing so, Team Liquid is now in the grand final with the chance of winning at least $45,000 USD. Tomorrow, Saturday, we will crown a champion – whether you like it or not! We start with the lower bracket finals between Planet Odd and Team Secret, then move forward to the final frontier. Much excite, many hype!

Results day 1

Semifinal #1 – Team Secret vs Planet Odd – 1-2
Semifinal #2 – Team Liquid vs Vega Squadron – 2-0
Upper bracket Final – Planet Odd vs Team Liquid – 0-2
Lower bracket Semifinal – Team Secret vs Vega Squadron – 2-1

Highlight of the Day

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Day 2 Schedule
Saturday July 22

11.30 am: Pre-show
12.45 pm: Lower bracket Final – Planet Odd vs Team Secret
4.15 pm: Grand Final – Team Liquid

Where to watch

If you’re not at DreamHack Atlanta you can always watch the games from a comfortable sofa at home (lol). Tune in to the DreamLeague channel to follow all the games!

Ticket Info

Bring your friends or meet new ones and get the games going! Tickets to DreamHack Atlanta are available now, Day Tickets starts at $20. Full information including all ticket types and hotels are available here.

Stay Tuned

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