Update to DreamLeague season 8 format

Update to DreamLeague season 8 format

Yesterday, DreamHack released information about DreamLeague season 8, and due to miscommunication and misinterpretation this format had mistakes in it. We have now done some changes to the format and we hope they will be better received by the community.

With the information released yesterday we announced the biggest change to DreamLeague yet – being the expansion to a Dota 2 Major competition including a new format. The introduction of the new Major and Minor system means a lot for the Dota 2 ecosystem, which DreamHack is excited for, but it does present challenges. There was a misinterpretation of the regional requirements set out by the Majors circuit.

We’d like to thank the community for their enthusiasm and commitment, and to emphasize that our primary goal is to host the best possible Dota 2 tournaments for both the audience and players.

Below is the updated format which will include all regions having representation to the LAN, as well as we have found some key questions, which we have tried to answer below. We will do our best to respond to additional questions on reddit, social media and other community platforms.

Format Summary

Finals Format
  • The Top 8 teams from online play will advance to the live finals at DreamHack Winter 2017.
  • The final format is TBD, we are currently looking at double elimination BO3 – we are open to feedback from the community on the format they would like to see.
NA, SA, CN, SEA Format

These regions will all have the same format, which will be repeated 4 times:

  • 3 invited teams
  • 1 team from open qualifier
  • 4 teams compete in double elimination BO3, winner advance to DreamHack Winter
  • The open qualifier will be single elimination BO1, until the RO16 in which its best of 3
EU and CIS Format

These regions will compete together.

  • 3 invited teams from EU
  • 3 invited teams from CIS
  • 1 team from CIS open qualifier
  • 1 team from EU open qualifier
  • 8 teams compete in round robin BO2, the top 4 teams will advance to DreamHack Winter, however they cannot all be from the same region – if all 4 is from the same region, then the 4th ranking team from that region will not earn a finals slot and it will be awarded to the top team from the other region.

The open qualifier will be single elimination BO1, until the RO16 in which its best of 3.


Why is EU and CIS different from the other regions?
DreamLeague has been founded as a league, and we are very keen to continue to offer Dota 2 fans regular content throughout the week, and not only focus on the finals, therefore we have looked to maintain a round robin component to this, with a fair balance to all regions. We also believe that DreamHack is primarily based in Europe, so to cater more heavily to EU and CIS makes sense, while Chinese and American operators will cater more to those regions.

How are both EU and CIS guaranteed slots to the LAN?
The round robin league structure will work by awarding 4 slots to the LAN, in which 1 slot must go to both regions, so it’s impossible for all 4 slots to go one region. For a few quick examples, if the round robin ends with the top 4 teams all being from EU, the 4th place EU team would not earn a LAN slot, and it would go to the top placing CIS team. The same case would apply in vice versa, and in any other situation the top 4 teams will advance to the LAN.

Why don’t you just do the same format for all regions?
As previously said, we want to maintain DreamLeague’s identity as a league, and also focus on the EU / CIS regions, therefore we have opted for a slightly different structure for EU and CIS, while adding support for all other regions.

Why is it not 10+ teams?
As DreamLeague S08 has been planned on an annual basis, we originally planned for the same format as S07, that meant 4 teams to the finals. As DreamHack Winter the location for the finals is a 3 day event, we are able to expand up to 8 teams, but expanding beyond this is not possible with limited planning time. Looking towards 2018 we have aims to host the LAN event with 10 teams or more.

Why is it only one spot for my region?
As we are limited to 8 teams in the finals, we believe this is the best format to plan for the event.

Why are no teams invited to the LAN?
We want to stimulate competition and as such we don’t want any teams a direct invite to the LAN, this may change in the future.

Why do SA, NA, SEA and CN all have equal representation?
As part of the major system, all regions are to be represented and so that is how we operate. With only 8 slots to the LAN, it’s not possible to offer stronger regions more slots – in the future we may look to change this.

Does DreamLeague still award prize money for every league match win?
This component has been removed to line up with the requirements set out by Valve.

Why did you not apologize to CIS?
It was not our intention to single out any region – but the error was greater towards South America since ping difference is not really a question between EU and CIS. But in general, our apologies goes out to the entire Dota community for our mistakes.

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