Infamous qualifies to the ROG DreamLeague s8 playoffs

Infamous qualifies for the playoffs of
ROG DreamLeague s8

During September 28th, the South American closed qualifier was played in ROG DreamLeague season 8 between four teams. By defeating Digital Chaos in the grand final with the score 2-1, Peruvian team Infamous managed to qualify to the playoffs at DreamHack Winter in Sweden, December 1-4th. Huge congratulations!

As we now conclude the South American qualifiers, we look towards an intense week with the EU/CIS league play finally beginning. Eight teams will compete for four playoff slots. Learn more about the teams in our qualifier post.

Alonso “Kotarō Hayama” León
Mariano “Papita” Caneda
Steven “StingeR” Vargas
Elvis “Scofield” De la Cruz Peña
Christian “Accel” Cruz


Semifinal #1 – Digital Chaos vs T Show – 0-2
Semifinal #2 – Infamous vs SG e-sports – 2-1
Losers’ Round – Digital Chaos vs SG e-sports – 2-0
Winners’ Final – T Show vs Infamous – 0-2
Losers’ Final – T Show vs Digital Chaos – 0-2
Grand Final – Infamous vs Digital Chaos – 2-1


See ROG DreamLeague live!

ROG DreamLeague season 8 is going down in history as one of the greatest DreamLeague events to date, and Infamous is the first team to join the playoffs! Everybody knows that the best way to watch e-sports is live, so get your DreamHack Winter ticket and attend the playoffs in Sweden! You can find all ticket information at the DreamHack Winter ticket page.

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