Prepare for a full week of ROG DreamLeague!

Prepare for a week full of
ROG DreamLeague action!

With the open qualifiers concluded and the South American closed qualifier finished. Region by region we’ve seen teams join the ranks of the closed qualifiers and with one team already qualified to DreamHack Winter 2017, ROG DreamLeague season 8 is switching its mode into overdrive. Starting today, we’re in for a week full of potentially epic games with the EU/CIS league play, as well as the Chinese closed qualifier. Here is everything you need to know about the week!


Tuesday October 3

/ 18:30 CEST – Empire vs Virtus Pro (Bo2)
/ 21:00 CEST – Empire vs Mid Or Feed (Bo2)

Thursday October 5

/ 18:30 CEST – Empire vs OG (Bo2)
/ 21:00 CEST – Virtus Pro vs OG (Bo2)

Friday October 6

/ 18:30 CEST – Vega Squadron vs Natus Vincere (Bo2)
/ 21:00 CEST – Vega Squadron vs OG (Bo2)

Monday October 9

/ 18:30 CEST – Empire vs Vega Squadron (Bo2)
/ 21:00 CEST – Virtus Pro vs Vega Squadron (Bo2)

Saturday October 7

16.00 CST – WB semi #1 – Newbee vs Vici Gaming (Bo3)
18.30 CST – WB semi #2 – LGD vs LFY (Bo3)
21.00 CST – LB round #1 – Loser series 1 vs Loser series 2 (Bo3)

Sunday October 8

16.00 CST – WB final – Winner series 1 vs Winner series 2 (Bo3)
18.30 CST – LB final – Winner series 3 vs Loser series 4 (Bo3)
21.00 CST – Grand final – Winner seies 4 vs Winner series 5 (Bo3)

Broadcast talent

Jorien “Sheever” van der Heijden
Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner
Owen “ODPixel” Davies
Ioannis “Fogged” Loucas

Ways to Watch

There are plenty of ways to follow all the Dota 2 action this week in ROG DreamLeague season 8. Make sure you don’t miss out on it as we’re broadcasting directly from a brand new studio in Stockholm!

Stay Tuned

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