Newbee qualifies for ROG DreamLeague s8 playoffs

Newbee qualifies for the playoffs of
ROG DreamLeague s8

Chinese team and runner-up of The International 2017, Newbee, managed to qualify for the playoffs of ROG DreamLeague season 8 after winning the closed Chinese qualifier this weekend. Newbee is now the second squad that will be going to DreamHack Winter in Sweden, December 1-4th.

The weekend was filled with high-octane ROG DreamLeague games as we saw both the EU/CIS league and China’s closed qualifier play out. While EU/CIS still have many games remaining, China’s closed qualifier was a two day tournament with the best-of-three double elimination as seen previously in South America.

Newbee started out against Vici Gaming, which was the only series where they would lose a map. After defeating them with 2-1, Newbee moved on to face LGD.Forever Young, whom they managed to beat 2-0 after a second game that lasted 28 minutes. LFY then dropped down to the loser’s finals to face Vici Gaming, which they managed to defeat 2-0 with a combination of Ancient Apparition, Night Stalker and Dragon Knight in both games.

Even though LFY got their rematch, the grand final of the closed qualifier did not turn out the way they hoped. Newbee, still strong after their recent performance at TI7, once again secured 2-0 and a ticket to the playoffs in December after a convincing series. Big congratulations to them for a solid performance!

Newbee roster

Xu “Moogy ” Han
Song “Sccc” Chun
Damien “kpii” Chok
Hu “Kaka” Liangzhi
Zeng “Faith” Hongda


Semifinal #1 – Newbee vs Vici Gaming – 2-1
Semifinal #2 – LGD Gaming vs LGD.Forever Young – 0-2
Losers’ Round – Vici Gaming vs LGD Gaming – 2-1
Winners’ Final – Newbee vs LGD.Forever Young – 2-0
Losers’ Final – LGD.Forever Young vs Vici Gaming – 2-0
Grand Final – Newbee vs LGD.Forever Young – 2-0


See ROG DreamLeague live!

ROG DreamLeague season 8 is going down in history as one of the greatest DreamLeague events to date, and Newbee is the second team to join the playoffs! Everybody knows that the best way to watch e-sports is live, so get your DreamHack Winter ticket and attend the playoffs in Sweden! You can find all ticket information at the DreamHack Winter ticket page.

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