ROG DreamLeague s8 – final teams

ROG DreamLeague season 8 – final teams

Only 10 days remain until ROG DreamLeague season 8 playoffs finally begins. After weeks of hard-fought battles we now have eight teams from all around the world, that will fight for their share of the $1,000,000 USD prize pool. These are the contestants that will duke it out in Jönköping, Sweden, December 1st-3rd.

Two months have passed since we started the journey of ROG DreamLeague’s eighth season, with qualifiers in six different regions. This weekend it was all concluded as South-East Asia finished their qualifier with Fnatic grabbing the last spot after defeating TNC Pro Team in the final. Now that we have our final teams, the groups and schedule will be released in the upcoming days!

Europe & CIS Qualifier
Europe & CIS Qualifier
Europe & CIS Qualifier
Europe & CIS Qualifier
1 Ace
2 MidOne
3 Fata
4 YapzOr
5 Puppey
2 Miracle-
3 MinD_ContRoL
4 GH
5 KuroKy
1 Crystallize
2 Dendi
3 GeneRaL
4 RodjER
5 SoNNeikO
2 No[o]ne
3 9pasha
4 Lil
5 Solo
North America Qualifier
South America Qualifier
China Qualifier
SEA Qualifier
1 Arteezy
2 Suma1L
3 UNiVeRsE
4 Cr1t
5 Fear
1 Kotarō Hayama
2 Papita
3 StingeR
4 Scofield
5 Accel
1 Moogy
2 Sccc
3 kpii
4 Kaka
5 Faith
1 EternaLEnVy
2 Abed
3 Ohaiyo
4 DJ
5 pieliedie

See ROG DreamLeague live!

ROG DreamLeague season 8 is going down in history as one of the greatest DreamLeague events to date! Everybody knows that the best way to watch e-sports is live, so get your DreamHack Winter ticket and attend the playoffs in Sweden! You can find all ticket information at the DreamHack Winter ticket page.

If you can’t attend DreamHack Winter there will also be streams broadcasting the event. Links to these will be provided shortly!

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