ROG DreamLeague playoffs – day 1 results

ROG DreamLeague – day 1

The $1,000,000 USD Major in Jönköping, Sweden is on! After more than 13 hours Dota 2, two teams have been knocked out from the playoffs, and more will follow them tomorrow. Here is what has transpired so far in the ROG DreamLeague season 2 playoffs.

Results day 1 vs. Na’Vi – 2-1
Team Liquid vs. Fnatic – 2-0
Team Secret vs. Evil Geniuses – 2-0
Newbee vs. Infamous – 2-0
Lower bracket round 1 – Na’Vi vs. Fnatic – 2-1
Lower bracket round 1 – Evil Geniuses vs. Infamous – 2-0
Upper bracket semi final #1 – vs. Team Liquid – 1-2
Upper bracket semi final #2 – Team Secret vs. Newbee – 2-0


Saturday Dec 5

Stream 1 –
10:00 Pre-show
10:30 Lower bracket round 2 – – Evil Geniuses
13:45 Lower bracket round 2 – Newbee – Na’Vi
16:30 Upper bracket final
19:30 Lower bracket round 3

Video on demand

If you missed any of the games you can always watch the VODs on the ROG DreamLeague Youtube channel. Please note that it may take some time before the latest videos are added to the site. You can also find them over at the ROG DreamLeague Twitch channel.

Ways to watch

The best ways to watch ROG DreamLeague is live at the venue! Head over to our tickets site where you can purchase tickets for DreamHack Winter 2017.

All the games will also continue to be streamed online, so if you can’t make it out in person be sure to tune in online on one of the many language streams provided!
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