EU Schedule Changes

Due to hectic schedule of the tournaments/qualifiers right now, we’ve had to make a few changes to the European qualifier schedule. Big thanks to the players, teams and to Epicenter for all working together on a fast resolution. We’ll be moving one of the games from Thursday to the Friday instead. Check out the new updated schedule below.

New Schedule

Thursday February 15thTimeFormat
1 OG vs Penta13:00WB Semi 1
2 Kinguin vs 5 Anchors16:00WB Semi 1
Friday February 16thTimeFormat
1 Winner WB Semi 1 vs Winner WB Semi 213:00Winners
2 Loser WB Semi 1 vs Loser WB Semi 216:00Losers
3 Winner LB vs Loser LB19:00Decider
4 Winner WB vs Loser WB22:00Grand Final
Stay Tuned

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