SEA Winner & EU Bracket

SEA Winner & EU bracket

Congratulations to Fnatic for winning the SEA Qualifiers! In the first game Fnatic met Geek Fam and came out victorious after winning two games straight. In the Winner’s Finals TNC Pro Team had the upper hand by winning the first game. However, Fnatic displayed their winner instincts in two short and intensive games. The pattern of winning two games straight continued also in the finals as Fnatic won with 2 – 0 against Execration.

Incase you missed the changes to the EU schedule you can check out the new updated schedule blow.

Thursday February 15thTime CETFormat
1 OG vs Penta13:00WB Semi 1
2 Kinguin vs 5 Anchors16:00
Friday February 16thTime CETFormat
1 Winner WB Semi 1 vs Winner WB Semi 213:00Winners
2 Loser WB Semi 1 vs Loser WB Semi 216:00Losers
3 Winner LB vs Loser LB19:00Decider
4 Winner WB vs Loser WB22:00Grand Final

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