Please note all Qualifier times are on an accelerated schedule.
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SEA Region

SEA - Tuesday 25thSGTCESTScore
1 Lotac vs Tigers14:0008:000-2
2 Team Admiral vs Boom ID17:0011:002-1
3 Tigers vs Team Admiral20:0014:000-2
SEA - Wednesday 26thSGTCESTScore
1 Lotac vs BOOM ID14:0008:002-0
2 Tigers vs Lotac17:0011:002-0
3 Team Admiral vs Tigers – Tigers Qualify!20:0014:001-2

China Region

CN - Tuesday 25thSGTCESTScore
1 Team Serenity vs EHOME14:0008:002-1
2 Newbee vs Royal Never Give Up17:0011:000-2
3 Team Serenity vs Royal Never Give Up20:0014:002-1
CN - Wednesday 26thSGTCESTScore
1 EHOME vs Newbee14:0008:000-2
2 Royal Never Give Up vs Newbee17:0011:002-1
3 Team Serenity vs Royal Never Give Up – Royal Never Give Up Qualifies20:0014:001-2

CIS Region

CIS - Tuesday 25thMSKCESTScore
1 Team Spirit vs Team Empire14:0013:001-2
2 Espada vs Natus Vincere17:0016:001-2
3 Team Empire vs Natus Vincere20:0019:000-2
CIS - Wednesday 26thMSKCESTScore
1 Team Spirit vs Espada14:0013:000-2
2 Team Empire vs Espada17:0016:000-2
3 Natus Vincere vs Espada – Na`Vi Qualifies!20:0019:002-0


EU - Tuesday 25thCESTCESTScore
1 Lithium vs The Final Tribe14:0014:001-2
2 Team Liquid vs Mango Bay17:0017:000-2
3 The Final Tribe vs MangoBay – The Final Tribe Qualify!20:0020:002-0
WU - Wednesday 26thCESTCESTScore
1 Team Lithium vs Team Liquid17:0017:000-2
2 MangoBay vs Team Liquid – Team Liquid Qualifies!20:0020:000-2

South America Region

SA - Tuesday 25thBRTCESTScore
1 Thunder Predator vs Infamous14:0019:001-2
2 Braxstone vs Mad Kings17:0022:002-0
3 Infamous vs Braxstone20:0001:002-1
SA - Wednesday 26thBRTCESTScore
1 Thunder Predator vs Mad Kings14:0019:002-0
2 Braxstone vs Thunder Predator17:0022:002-1
3 Infamous vs Braxstone – Infamous Qualifies!20:0001:002-0

North America Region

NA - Tuesday 25thPSTCESTScore
1 compLexity vs Rooons14:0023:002-0
2 Team Xolotl vs TEAM TEAM17:0002:000-2
3 compLexity vs TEAM TEAM – compLexity Qualify!20:0005:002-1
NA - Wednesday 26thPSTCESTScore
1 ROOONS vs Team Xolotl14:0023:002-0
2 TEAM TEAM vs ROOONS – ROOONS Qualifies!17:0002:001-2